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A Night of Celebration and Tradition: Folk Dance and Traditional Songs Echoed at the Dominican Heritage Gala

With the vibrant mix of folk dance and traditional songs by the Mixed Choir of ICDA and the Male Choir Julio Alberto Hernández, yesterday’s grand event was held where we celebrated Dominican heritage under the Cultural Direction of the Domínico American Cultural Institute.

It was more than just a celebration; it was an immersion into the richness of our roots that define us. Every dance step, every sung note, told the story of our heritage with pride and love for our land.

The community came together, full of emotions and artistic expressions, reminding us that Dominican identity thrives in every movement and every note. We extend our gratitude to the Directorate of Education and Specialized Artistic Training, National School of Dance, and the General Directorate of Fine Arts.

Let’s continue dancing, singing, and celebrating our culture together!