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Tutoring and Business Groups

The Language School has personalized English and Spanish learning services, customized according to the student’s need. These services are offered to people who: 

  • * Cannot attend classes within the schedules of the regular program or wish to design a personalized schedule for their learning experience. 

  • * Have the need/ urge to learn English or Spanish in a short time.

  • * Require special attention or require reinforcing their knowledge in a particular fashion.

  • * Tutorials may be imparted in our campus or a place of the student’s choice.

We offer three different types of tutorials:

Individual Tutorials

It’s a service for people who want to study individually. These classes can be based on the Language School curriculum or one created addressing the needs of the student.  

Group Tutorials

It’s offered to a group of 2-12 people that would like to follow the curriculum from the regular classes or are interested in a specific course addressing their needs.

Corporate Classes

These classes are offered to corporations that are interested in their staff learning English according to the needs of the company.


  • * Agree on a day to take a level exam and class schedule. Schedule availability must be agreed before payment.

  • * Pay the corresponding hours, being 10 the minimum.

  • * The hours paid are available for 30 days after the last time that the student attended to class. After that period, the remaining hours are expired.

  • * If you aren’t attending class, you must inform the language school administration or academic coordinator at least four hours before to avoid charges due to teacher’s service.

  • * To opt for the special courses or tutorial’s certification, students must complete the required amount of hours for each.

Cost for Tutorial Classes:

1 person:

RD$800 per hour

2 people:

RD$1,000 per hour

3 people:

RD$1,200 per hour

4 people:

RD$1,400 per hour

For more than 5 people, please request a quote.

The courses given outside the premises require an additional cost due to transportation.

For more information

E-mail: or call Tel.: 809-535-0665, Ext. 3230.

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