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This program is designed to provide students with communicative competencies that allow them to perform in any situation and educational systems that require English.

Diploma from the intermediate and advanced levels are issued to the students when they comply with the requirements. Each level lasts for 3 months.

Basic Program

7 levels

Advanced Program

4 levels

Intermediate Program

4 levels

Enrichment Program

2 levels

For this program we offer 4 academic cycles, each one is 12 weeks long:

Cycle 1

January to March

Cycle 2

April to June

Cycle 3

July to September 

Cycle 4

October to December


(1 level per cycle):

1 day per week 

Wednesday, Saturday or Friday, three hours of class per day.

2 days per week 

Monday- Wednesday or Tuesday- Thursday, three hours of class per week

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