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Evaluation and Certifications

The language school from the Instituto Cultural Dominico Americano offers an evaluation that certifies the oral proficiency level of the person being evaluated.

This exam evaluates the production and understanding of the language compared to a native speaker of the same age and academic level. The evaluation standards are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for the acquisition of a foreign language.

This evaluation consists of an interview designed to measure the oral proficiency of the evaluee. Simultaneously, it identifies the weaknesses and strengths, taking into consideration the grammatical structure, vocabulary quality, fluency, and intonation. Everything focused towards the person’s ability to understand the messages received and transmitted.

Aimed towards:

People, group or corporations that need to know or present a certification of their ability and knowledge of the language for work, educational, legal and/or other purposes.

These evaluations could be used for recruitment purposes or validate the level of a current employee, enter academic institutions, and validate the communicative competencies of a person for a specific purpose.

Type of Reports

Skills based report: includes a detailed summary of the person’s oral and written production and understanding, taking into consideration their fluency, grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary and communication skills.


The appointment must be made two days before the evaluation to the following email: The cost of the evaluation varies according to the place where it’s administered.

Evaluation Period:

2 hours

Report delivery

72 business hours after the evaluation


Detailed Report:  1.500 person


Register’s Office before the exam

Cost per group:

Must be determined according to the amount of people.

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