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Children’s Section

The children’s section is located on the premises of the Domínico Americano School (DAS). Its services are exclusively for DAS students. They include loaning out children’s books and audiovisuals to kindergarten through fourth grade.

Throughout the school year, there is a diverse program of reading encouragement activities and library orientation services, which aims to stimulate children’s enjoyment of reading and teach them to use a systematically organized library (library skills).


Collections of Books and Audiovisuals for children:
The children’s section has a wide collection of children’s literature and videos in English and Spanish, appropriate for grades kindergarten to 4th grade; and specialized books in subjects of the American curriculum taught by the Domínico Americano School (DAS) in the aforementioned grades. The collection of books for 5th through 12th grade of DAS and related technical areas are located in the main reading room of the BL.

General Collection:

The collection of technical documents related to the demands of the majors taught by the Domínico Americano University is located in the main reading room of the BL. It specializes in the topics of: information and computer science; education, texts on methodology for the teaching of the English language; tourism, gastronomy and hotel and restaurant administration; finance, marketing and business administration; and literature: universal, American, Latin American and Dominican; also American and Dominican history; among others.

The information resources of both collections, books, audiovisuals, etc. are organized following the guidelines of the Dewey decimal system.

Electronic information resources

The electronic information resources to which the BL is subscribed; or those that the BL has access to via institutional agreements are:

Britannica: Digital Learning: offers information for the undertaking of educational projects for elementary and middle school students. It is accessed through a username and password that is provided to students and teachers of the Domínico Americano School (DAS).

EBSCO HOST: indexes, academic periodicals, and full texts of articles and documents covering different areas of the sciences and humanities. It is accessed through a username and password that is provided to students and teachers of the Domínico Americano School (DAS), and from the Domínico Americano University.

e-Libro: the most complete platform of virtual libraries for academic content in the Spanish language. It offers access to textbooks selected by professors of the majors of the Domínico Americano University, once the subscription is made. BL personnel provides them with a username and access code.

eLibraryUSA: provides access to millions of publications, specialized articles, digital books, audio, video and multimedia resources. Academic OneFile, JSTOR, ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Database, Research in Context, in addition, tools for learning the English language, contents related to history, culture of the United States of America, technology, environment, health, social sciences, literature, economics, and business administration, among other topics of interest.

It can only be accessed from the Library’s computers; and it is sponsored by the United States Department of State.

Undergraduate and Graduate Students’ Final Projects

Undergraduate students’ final projects that meet the requirements established in the Academic Regulations of the Domínico Americano University to be consulted by the public are available via the BL web catalog in its digital format, and in the main reading room.