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Conversation for Adults

Conversation Course

The language school offers three conversation courses that aim to promote speaking skills with proper intonation, fluency and comprehensible phonetics. Each course lasts for 3 months.

To enroll in this course, it’s necessary that the students take an admission exam which is administered in several schedules and dates during the registration process. This exam costs RD$300 pesos.

Conversation I: It is aimed to students with an intermediate level that want to develop their English-speaking fluency and be exposed to different situations that would ease the use of the structure and vocabulary acquired in the basic levels. In this class the student will be able to:

  • Interact by sharing personal information.
  • Request and provide information about previous experiences and future plans.
  • Request and offer reasons and explanations about personal preferences and options.

Conversation II: It is aimed to students with an advanced level that want to practice the knowledge acquired during the program. They are exposed to contemporaneous topics that will allow them to develop their communication skills. In this class the student will be capable of:

  • Discuss general topics in terms of cause-effect.
  • Request and give recommendation and instructions.
  • Use and respond reflective questions

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