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October-December 2023 Cycle


If you are interested in enrolling in the October-December 2023 Cycle (either because you are new or re-entering), you must complete the following form that will be sent to our Registration Department for assistance.

This form is applicable for students who wish to enroll in both our virtual and face-to-face modalities. Please select the option in the corresponding question.

English: Students who want to start in level 00 of the Adult or Junior program do not require a placement test. For the Playful Learning children’s program, no assessment is required.

Returning students who are two cycles or more out of the program must take the placement test.

The test can be taken virtually, free of charge, through a link that will be sent to your email. You can also take it in person, at a cost of RD$ 200.00.

You can check the prices by cycle, program and modality in the fees section within the Admissions menu or through our virtual assistance.

The deadline for enrollment in the Accelerated, Super Intensive and TOEFL Preparatory programs It’s October 5th.


  • The photo of your ID card or birth certificate must be in .jpg format.


(All fields are required)

Personal information
If the student is a minor, the parent or guardian, must complete the following information with their data: