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As usual at the beginning of each academic term, the Language School teachers participated in the Professional Learning Program (PLP) organized by the Teacher Development Center (TDC) of Universidad Domínico Americano (UNICDA) during the week of April 4 to 8.

On this occasion, the event was held in person and was attended by Nancy Reeves and Xochitl Mendoza, academic consultants for Pearson Latin America, who were in charge of planning sessions on Student Centered Learning for Second Language Acquisition, a core value to be worked on in the different PLP meetings during the year 2022. Teachers lived experiences of learner-centered classroom models, while others worked in teams on the PLP challenge assignment. Likewise, teachers participated in the asynchronous modules Gradual Autonomy Model and The Power of Forgiveness, developed by teachers Mayra Ureña and José Reyes, respectively.
The objective of this program is to optimize the teaching/learning process and achieve a greater effectiveness in the acquisition of the second language by the student.
More about the Professional Learning Program (PLP)
The mission of the Professional Learning Program (PLP) is to provide diverse and robust professional learning opportunities to the School of Languages teaching community. Each year a plan is made to develop the 4 versions of the Program, working on a core learning/teaching value. The PLP is the evolution of the training opportunities provided to teachers.
Teachers have access to academic and personal growth sessions, professional panels, applied technology, guest presenters, extra learning, and team building and integration activities. Each PLP serves a combination of the above ensuring that learning, engagement and community are strengthened.  
By actively participating in the PLPs and submitting their assignments, teachers have the opportunity to earn a certificate as an endorsement of meeting ICDA’s Language School annual core value requirements.
Teacher Development Center (TDC)
The Teacher Development Center is a dependency of Universidad Domínico Americano (UNICDA), created in 2019, whose mission is to train teachers, educational managers of the Dominican Republic and the region, through innovative and specialized programs that allow the mastery of the skills required to achieve an effective teaching-learning process. Click here to learn more about TDC.